Fees & security

The basic installation fees are required for the preparation of servers, the integration of the payment processor, the customization of the customer area, and of the software; adjustment of products, fees, interest rates, emails, signatures, and application forms. Additional fees may apply for IBV (Instant Bank Verification) integration, the integration of a new payment processor that is not part of our authorized suppliers, or the development of new features. Our team member will provide the installation fees detail during the demo.

Pricing starts at 295$/month, but hosting costs may vary depending on your needs. Given law 64 in Canada, we favour a new type of hosting for a cost of 750$/month, with guaranteed peace of mind.

Yes, a biannual security audit is performed by an external firm to ensure that all security standards are met.

Fixed rates may be offered for new modules and time banks are available for our customers.

The preparation of your servers can take up to a week after the signing of your contract. Complete installation of your software will be done in the following two weeks.

Software operations

Absolutely, you can even convert your regular deposit to Interac e-Transfer, if needed. In addition, direct debits and payment errors will be processed automatically.

Definitely. We can accommodate according to your needs; this includes application forms, mandatory documents, loan contracts, evaluation criteria among many others…

Of course. With just a few clicks, you can change payment amounts and frequencies. The table will adjust itself accordingly.