Faster, simplified and forward thinking banking transfers

Use TIB for your direct deposits and withdrawals, recurring monthly payments, transfers of funds between accounts and all other business virtual transactions.

TIB Finance

A payment solution that suits your needs

Optimize the management of preauthorized payments, accelerate funds transfers and eliminate payments by cheque.


Efficiently manage payments from customers and suppliers

Process incoming payments faster by letting your customers pay online or through automatic debits.

Automate payment management

Connect directly to your bank to efficiently manage financial transactions.

Scotia Bank

View your data in real time

With just a few clicks, explore your data using the array of interactive data reports.


Optimize your loan application flow with Instant Bank Verification (IBV)

Transform your lending experience, reduce cost of acquisition, improve conversion rates with industry-leading data insights.


A real-time bank verification service

Inverite is the leading open-banking provider with coverage for over 275 Canadian Financial Institutions.


Risk management and personal information agency

Get relevant information on your prospects and make wise and strategic decisions on risk management to avoid fraud.